How To Invest In Gold

Proven ways to invest in gold:

1. Physical Gold Delivered to Your Front Door
2. Physical Gold in Your Retirement Account

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Which Gold IRA Company Do We Recommend?

Regal Assets - Gold IRA or 401K Investment

Why Regal Assets?

  • Regal Assets is a A+ Rating company with Better Business Bureau
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  • An Official retailer listed with the United States Mint
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The experts at Regal Assets will handle everything for you, the RIGHT way, completely hassle-free. They pride themselves in their no-pressure service and they will answer any questions you have regarding investing in precious metals.

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“11/3/13 – Christian Howard is fantastic!!! I just love Regal Assets. I recently ended my employment and had to roll over my 401K. I decided to put it into a precious metals IRA and did lots of research. I found Regal Assets to be one of the better companies regarding customer satisfaction. I made some calls to many different companies, but none treated me as well as Christian Howard of Regal Assets. He did not behave like a cheap car salesman who wanted to grab my money. He is a professional. He was honest and up front about all the materials, process, and answers to my questions. He treated me with care and respect. When it came time to do the roll over, the process was so easy and well explained. Regal Assets took all the pain and worry out of it. When our funds became available to buy our precious metals (about 10 business days), I was so excited to buy. Christian once again was fantastic. He was able to get what I was interested in and made me feel well-informed. If I had to choose a brief description for Regal Assets, it would be “clear communication.” They are excellent and leave no questions unanswered. I look forward to having a long, healthy relationship with this company.”
- Andrea L.

“10/30/13 – If I had one word to describe these guys the word would be awesome. The guys at Regal Assets were wonderful, I knew nothing about investing in metals whatsoever and the team walk me through the steps to complete the process of a rollover metal IRA, they were so patient with all the question I had for them even when I was unsure I felt no pressure from them. I would recommend them to anyone, talk about team work, I wish I worked for this company. Thank you: Christian Howard, Adam Maguire & Leah Kendrick for a great job, hope I mention everyone. You sparked an interest in me to start collecting coins as a hobby as well as an asset. Thanks again.”
- Victoria S.

“10/20/13 – Regal Asset, The right choice. My name is Fred Smith, I recently had the pleasure of being assisted by Christian Howard with the rollover of my traditional IRA to Physical Gold. I was a little apprehensive because I had only dealt with my current financial adviser. I was very comfortable with the level of expertise that Christian Howard has in the knowledge of this market, since I have zero! I will definitely advise friends and family to contact Christian. Great job, I look forward to having you advise me in the future.”
- Fred S.

The Experts Will Take You Through These Steps
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